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Wanted: people that migrate to High North

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Annemie Struyf is looking for people that have this year to Sweden or Norway move.

After La vie en rose in France and Eviva España in Spain, which is now One runs, is there already a successor in the works that will play in the High North.

‘I already have a lot of stories of people who go to Sweden or Norway have moved, ” says Struyf. “But I’m looking for people who this year leave. To the comments on Eviva España, I notice that stories work well when they are in Flanders start and you people are literally see leave.”

Annemie Struyf choose her successor choose not to Portugal, Greece or Italy. ‘Not that there’s not a Flemings live, but I think it’s fine to try something totally different to do. I note that the high north is very popular, especially with younger people who are aware of the extreme conditions to look up, even the cold and the darkness.”

Mail can to via.annemie@een.be

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