VTM does mysterious about 30 years, VTM

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Wednesday night found Again, the recording of the large verjaardagsshow of VTM. Next week Friday is the 30 years ago, VTM was launched and unlike the 25th anniversary, they want to VTM their 30th anniversary, not just let them pass.
Tonight collecting dozens of faces from the past and now in the Pop-Uptheater from Studio 100, where the recording of the show. The past few days appeared here and there we already have some photos of famous people who are rehearsing for the special show. There is, of course, a lot of attention for what happened in the past 30 years has happened, and there is, of course, also music. A number of Flemish artists were the last days in Puurs rehearsing, among them several artists who are also in Love For Music to see and hear. Just about all the stars of VTM pass tonight the revue Again, it is clear that VTM big want to extract, but about the content of the show in silence, they on the Medialaan in Vilvoorde in all languages. Among others, Laura Tesoro, Dana Winner and Sean Dhondt have their presence already secretly announced.

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