Venezuelan president calls for president

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Juan Guaidó

In the Venezuelan capital, Caracas, Wednesday, tens of thousands of demonstrators to the streets merged to protest against the government of president Nicolás Maduro. President Juan Guaidó during the demonstration was declared president.

“Before the almighty God I promise to the powers of the executive branch to take over as interim president of Venezuela,” said Juan Guaidó Wednesday during a meeting with supporters in the capital Caracas. ‘Let us all swear that we will not rest until we have the liberty to reach.

The Us president, Donald Trump has the suddenly very popular president Juan Guaido already recognised as the legitimate overgangspresident of the South American country. That handed the White House Wednesday in Washington. Also Canada, Colombia, and Paraguay recognize Guaido as interim president.


There gathered Wednesday tens of thousands of demonstrators in Caracas. They chant slogans such as ‘We are free’ and ‘You will fall, you will fall, this government will fall”. Further, they call on the army of Venezuela, also on the side of the demonstrators, to choose and to join the opposition. On photos on social media is, however, to see that members of the national guard tear gas would have deployed against the demonstrators. There is also shot with rubber bullets.

Local media report that it is also in cities as Valencia, Maracaibo and Barquisimeto large groups of demonstrators in the street are gone.

The opposition hopes to put an end to the reign of autocratic president Maduro and his socialist government. Earlier mass demonstrations brought the past few years weren’t, more by the crackdown of the security forces and by internal divisions within the opposition.

Under the impetus of Juan Guaidó and by the increasing international pressure on the South American country seems to be the opposition, however, now a second breath to have found it. Countries like the United States, Brazil and Colombia, international organizations and the opposition recognise Nicolas Maduro and not, as the legitimate president. According to observers in his re-election last year massive fraud. In 2016 he put all the parliament of the country offside.

Symbolic date

‘The eyes of the world are today in our homeland”, tweette Guaidó Wednesday morning local time. The demonstration will not happen Wednesday. January 23rd is a symbolic date in Venezuela because on that day in 1958, the last Venezuelan dictator, Marcos Perez Jimenez, his foot fell.

President Maduro has Tuesday night his followers called on the street. ‘The imperialists and oligarchs are desperate to the control on Venezuela to take over, ” he said. ‘We will be Venezuela in good hands?”

All multiple deaths

In the run-up to the demonstrations of Wednesday, when several riots in a total of four deaths. It is a sixteen-year-old who, during a meeting in the neighbourhood of Catia in the west of Caracas by a firearm has been injured. In the southern state of Bolivar lost three other people’s lives. In the violent riots that accompanied the demonstrations of 2017 lost a total of more than 120 people’s lives.

Venezuela, once the richest country of South America, is due to mismanagement, corruption and falling oil prices in a major economic and humanitarian crisis ended. The hyperinflation in Venezuela in 2019 up to 10 million percent, predicts the IMF. The current number of refugees (3 million) may the coming years be doubled, predict experts. Scarcity and hunger will continue to increase.

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