The battle of the titans continues in The Voice van Vlaanderen

2d07be33b417d7313878eaccfa9f69a8 - The battle of the titans continues in The Voice van Vlaanderen

The giants, the coaches are back: Koen Wauters, Natalia, Bart Peeters and Alex Callier in the sixth season of The Voice van Vlaanderen, looking to the angels-, rock – or soulstem them the victory can yield. This year is the competition the coaches have extra-sharpened, because one coach can be the other thwart by his chair during the Blind Auditions block. They will therefore, more than ever, the tactical need to play to the top talent in their team to get. That the search for singing talent in Flanders continues to fascinate, proved in the previous season, that weekly was good for more than a million viewers (1.008.000 viewers) and 46,8% of the market share (VVA 18-54, live+delayed).

This year, survive on less than 60 candidates in the Blind Auditions. That means that each coach has 15 voices in his team. An Lemmens is there with so much talent, fortunately not only for: Sean Dhondt is this season its permanent co-host. Also the Voice course looks different. After the 7 auditieafleveringen candidates once more solo proved in the Knockouts, in which the coaches each other’s talents ‘stealen’. Then meet the doorstotende vote each other in the Battle ring. Only the 12 best per team to the live shows. With surprising genres of music, a fierce competition between the coaches and more vierdraaiers than ever, is The Voice of Flanders the next 16 weeks of the regular appointment for topentertainment on Friday night.

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