Sundance continues to grow

dbf27af309e78ff205486767c51d7d6d - Sundance continues to grow

Tomorrow cuts the Sundance film festival his latest edition. In 1978 by actor and director Robert Redford founded filmfeest, first in Salt Lake City, in Park City (also in Utah), even after 40 years no trace of fatigue damage. With three co-productions and a film with Mathias Schoenaerts carries also Belgium, admitted: modest, contribution.

Last year the festival attracted, the largest in the U.S. for “independent films”, just not up to 125,000 bioscoopliefhebbers. This year is the range again expanded, with 112 feature films from 33 countries, chosen from a range of 14.259 entries. Of course, the private American market, the indie-film front, the big slokop. Under the Us offer go 16 fiction films, in world premiere. With Kim Yutani has Sundance this year to a new director of programming.

About the quality of the offerings can of course still little to be said, however, about the balance, and that meets contemporary requirements. As will be 45 films of debutants, displayed, is the percentage of female film-makers in the department of the US Dramatic Competition 53 percent, 41% of the offering made by non-whites, and identifies 18 percent of the filmmakers themselves as lgbt.

Belgium is represented as co-producer of ‘Dirty God’, the new, third feature film by director Sacha Polak. It is the first time that a Dutch film to a hoofdcompetitie, the World Cinema Dramatic Competition, manages to penetrate. Central in the movie, a certain Judy, a young mother, whose life was turned upside down is removed after an attack with a corrosive acid.

Also ‘Cold Case Hammarskjold’, directed by the Dane Mads Brügger, has a Belgian contribution, unfortunately, also in the contents of the box in which the Swedish researcher Göran Bjorkdahl the mystery behind the death of UN secretary-general dag Hammarskjold is trying to clarify. For many years it was only a hypothesis that his plane -a Belgian – were shot down.

‘The Hole in the ground’ is an Irish-Belgian-Finnish co-production from director Lee Cronin. The film is about a certain Sarah, whose youngest son suddenly disappears. After his return, she starts to suspect that the boy returned is not her son.

To the Belgian slot also runs ‘The Mustang’, a film of Laure de Clermont-Tonnerre with Matthias Schoenaerts in the cast in addition to veteran Bruce Dern. In ‘The Mustang’ try an inmate in a cell in Nevada to find himself anew in the context of a rehabilitation programme with a hard-to-tame horse to work.

On the program of the Sundance a documentary about Harvey Weinstein. In ‘Untouchable’ allows the filmmaker Ursula MacFarlane the rise, career, and downfall of the film producer. ‘Leaving Neverland’, a documentary about Michael Jackson when the King of Pop as a pedophile is depicted, has already in advance a lot of dust.

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