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Shutdown delayed BAKKT Launch

Shutdown delayed BAKKT Launch

Due to differences in the construction of the wall in Mexico in the United States to a so-called Government Shutdown (the government to a standstill). With his election nearly two years of promise already defaulting President Donald Trump insists on a financial account of the construction of the wall in the planning of the budget of 2019, and no budget signed draft, not committing the project funds of at least $ 5 billion. The Senate is braced against it, and as long as there is no prospect of agreement, will continue many of the administrative areas of a crippling Shutdown, and can, according to recent statements of the Trump years to digest.

Bakkt affected by the Shutdown

Bakkt, a company that has set itself the goal to facilitate the entry of institutional investors (for the time being physically covered Bitcoin Futures), due to the shutdown of the official date of the launch of 24. January 2019 at an uncertain date in Q1 2019 moved. After consultation with the “Comodity Futures Trading Commission” expect the “ICE Futures U.S., Inc.,” an updated schedule at the beginning of 2019, it said in an official statement. The markets appear to be unfazed by the news, and there has been no significant outbreak.

The Startup
had recently the initial start date of 12. December 2018 to 24.
January 2019 moved and was able to counter in a first financing round at the end of
In 2018, a whopping 182,5 M$ to collect.

Many private investors hope to gain through the investment vehicle for institutional investors, a new high-altitude flights of the crypto-currency prices. But there is also criticism that Institutional crypto-currencies can hybridize with their money, masses of the Central and spirit of the Bitcoin was created to destroy.

Written by Luke Mantinger, edited by Jan Albrecht

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