Senate launches two proposals for shutdown to end

bffdfb18a2f548b1fe75027303a36387 - Senate launches two proposals for shutdown to end

Republicans and Democrats go Thursday in the U.s. Senate each have a budget proposal to submit to an end could make the conclusion of a number of public services.

Mitch McConnell, the leader of the Republicans in the Senate, and his Democratic counterpart, Chuck Schumer said Tuesday that they are both proposals to the vote will bring. It is the first sign of progress in the impasse that for more than a month.

Central in the discussion is the requirement of president Trump to have in the budget $ 5.7 billion to provide for the construction of a wall on the border with Mexico. The Republicans want to submit a proposal – in return would be a million migrants over the next three years cannot be turned off – but the Democrats are radically opposed to the wall.

The Democrats are going Thursday, in their turn, propose to the government funding until February 8, to ensure, in anticipation of further negotiations on the border security. But Trump had already understood the first time money for a wall to want, and only then, the public services re-open it. The president will be the only one under those conditions his signature under the budget law.


“People say: there is no way out of this mess?’, said Schumer on the compromise. ‘There Is no way to the 800,000 federal civil servants who are not paid to help? There Is no way to get the authorities to open and then about border security to talk? So now we did.’

Leave the budget can be so the end of the shutdown mean, though it is not at all certain that any of the proposals have enough support will get. The Republican majority in the Senate has 53 seats, while a majority of 60 is needed to the budget law to approve it. The Democrats must be at least 13 Republicans of their proposal, convince.

The Democrats have already made several proposals that affected government departments would reopen, but until now refused to accept the Republicans as a vote.

State of the union

Trump is according to American media plans to next week his state of the union, in spite of the request of the chairman of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, to delay because of the shutdown.

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