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Scheldeprijs draws in 2019 again (and even longer) by Zealand, but the decision is, as always, in Shots

279482c217f87805f268c57b6a6c9f5d - Scheldeprijs draws in 2019 again (and even longer) by Zealand, but the decision is, as always, in Shots

In 2018, crossed the Scheldeprijs over the border and went to the peloton for the first time in Terneuzen. The pack will be after that positive first edition in 2019 from Terneuzen by the province of Zeeland to draw and continue this year on Dutch territory. Then the riders course in the direction of Shots where the classic final awaits. On Wednesday 10 april 2019 will be at the town hall in Terneuzen, the launch of the 107 th edition of the Scheldeprijs sound. 12.15 leave the riders for a journey of 203 km in the direction of Shots.

The long passage through Zeeland

The riders leave the city of Terneuzen, like last year, with a passage through the Westerschelde tunnel, after which the game the first koersuren is colored by Zealand. The cooperation with the province of Zeeland, went very smooth in 2018 and the Scheldeprijs was warmly welcomed. This year, cyclists will be a total of 150 km of the Netherlands ‘ drive, which is twenty kilometers more than last year.

The trip through the province of Zeeland, start with passages in Vlissingen and Middelburg on the Westerschelde. Afterwards, the riders in the direction of North-Beveland and the Eastern scheldt. Waiting there after the first wedstrijduur a lot of dykes of the polders, where the wind, just like in 2018, this year the competition would be able to determine.

After North-Beveland, you follow a passage through South-Beveland, with passages in Goes and Reimerswaal. Via Woensdrecht and the Village to reach the riders to the border with Belgium. In Putte-Kappellen the peloton will cross the border (54 km from the arrival) and direction of Shots driving.

Known finale in Schoten

When the contest Shots is reached, wait for a first of a total of three passages to arrive at the Churchilllaan (34 km from the arrival). The riders will be two local laps finishing, which remain unchanged in comparison with the previous editions. During each round, for a passage over the cobbles of the Broekstraat in Wijnegem. At the end of the two local loops makes the pack ready for the annual unofficial world CHAMPIONSHIPS of the sprinters in the spring.

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