Rotterdam film festival kicks off with ‘Dirty God’

79b260c2e3c2a2c26a6b5dddadef42ea - Rotterdam film festival kicks off with 'Dirty God'

The 48th edition of the International Film Festival Rotterdam, is started today. On the opening night is Dirty God, the new film by the Dutch director Sacha Polak, will be screened. The drama tells about a British woman who by a zoutzuuraanval is mutilated.

Also ‘Bloody Marie’, a new Dutch movie with Mark Rietman, Teun Luijkx, Aart Staartjes and Murth Mossel in the lead roles, is experiencing its world premiere at the IFFR. This second film from director Guido van Driel is about a successful striptekenares, that between the sex workers in the red light district live. Drankzuchtig and as an unguided projectile, she ends up the one conflict in the other.

Another great title on the IFFR runs, is the much-acclaimed Lebanese drama ‘Capharnäum’, that yesterday’s Oscars received. The film, about a poor boy in Lebanon with parents takes flight and finds a home with an Ethiopian refugee and her babyzoontje, won during the Cannes film festival including the jury prize.

The film Festival lasts until 3 February.

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