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Roman Bezus leave STVV for AA Gent

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Coach Thorup has now options on society

Roman Bezus leave STVV for AA Gent

The Buffalo’s 1 million euro on the table for the Ukrainian midfielder that in Ghent, the new number 10 should be.

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Roman Bezus has appeared at STVV this season to a genuine sterkhouder. johan Eyckens/belgaimage

Coach Thorup has now options on society

Roman Bezus leave STVV for AA Gent

The Buffalo’s 1 million euro on the table for the Ukrainian midfielder that in Ghent, the new number 10 should be.

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Guillaume Maebe

BrusselVadis Odjidja, Brecht Dejaegere, Birger Verstraete, Giorgi Chakvetadze, Anderson Esiti, Eric Smith, Jonathan David, Franko Andrijasevic, Renato Neto, and even a few times Dylan Bronn. Solid list, the players that Jess Thorup has already tried out on the society of AA Gent.

The Danish trainer has with his 4-2-3-1 with two controlling midfielders and an attacking pawn before starting to hard formation found, a real number 10 in that system, he saw not yet. Andrijasevic kreegbleek to light, David is not yet dominant enough, Odjidja is a set of bearing a suit more and more important for Chakvetadze has Thorup a role on the left in mind. Bezus, technical and especially powerful, the gap can fill.

The Ukrainian playmaker explained yesterday the first part of his medical tests and now the second. Then he can get a contract for 3.5 years of drawing in the Ghelamco Arena.

‘I Was Bezus, than was AA Gent actually the last team I go to would be gone’

Eddy Snelders


But the ceo of Sint-Truiden, belgium Takayuki Tateishi, when a condition to the deal. He wants to pasmunt absolutely attacker Mamadou Sylla rent until the end of the season, with a purchase option. Sylla by Gent to Zulte Waregem rented, and this is where the problem lies yet. Essevee want to Sylla only let it go if it is the formal confirmation of Harbaoui that he stays. Today there is a conversation in which Harbaoui who should give. Sylla got all the pressure on Zulte Waregem by his cat to send to the training.

Bus too small
for all passers-by

Analyst Eddy Snelders judge already strict. “What I see in the society of AA Gent is that there are many candidates, but few return. That players can have multiple positions of the feet and that is much change of course in the hand.” Correct. Just about every midfielder of The Buffalo’s came in this season already on the 6, the 8 or the 10. In theory Thorup for each middenveldpositie also four to five options, a luxurious. ‘That way you get outstanding situations such as that of Birger Verstraete. Who climbed through Ghent to the Red Devils, but is now largely bankzitter become. There is at Ghent also just very quickly changed.’

Snelders calls for some more Gents patience. ‘Since they are champions and Champions League games were trials (2015, ed.) they have feverishly tried to make that experience as quickly as possible, to relive it. The expectations of the board increase ever, allowing a player barely has the time to adapt. I mean, it’s not a coincidence that for the last few years, as much passage to AA Gent? The men, all of which have passed, that you can’t in one bus stitches, you know.’

Certainly on the civil society, Ghent has long striven with Sven Kums syndrome. Players like Damien Marcq and Rob Schoofs were quickly abandoned, after it appeared that they do not have the level could pick up from their predecessor. ‘Those men had a reputation in the clubs where they previously played (Marcq in Charleroi, Schoofs at STVV, ed.), but once they get to Ghent came to their kopke truncated. Of course it is possible that it once does not want to work with a player, but as it so often happens, you have to wonder whether or not the club is. They are in Ghent, just impatient. Fact is that if I Bezus was, AA Gent actually the last team is where I go to would have gone.’

Too emotional
for the bank

But Snelders is Bezus not. The Oekraïner gave at the end of last year that on his 28th time to a battle to save it. “I think that I am a financial step forward should withdraw if I this level continues’, said the midfielder in an interview with het belang van Limburg. ‘If you have a nice offer, it is difficult to deny”, also know Snelders. “But Bezus need to know that he was at Ghent on the mental plane, a high stamina will have to be. And I don’t know if he does that.’ Not sooner. In the same interview at the end of last year declared Bezus still a very emotional person. ‘Marc Brys will play appropriate on in. I have a feeling that I my thoughts can lose with him. And unlike my previous trainers at STVV, I play under him always, eh.’ Better than but immediately excel at Gent, wants Bezus not on an emotional rollercoaster to hell. Or even worse: the bank.

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