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Newsflash: Binance Tron Airdrop, Zilliqa supports Mainnet launch, Vechain in Italy & Ethereum – Coin Hero

2213a63843ea89d4ce8d39ae32ebcb49 - Newsflash: Binance Tron Airdrop, Zilliqa supports Mainnet launch, Vechain in Italy & Ethereum - Coin Hero

Newsflash: Binance Tron Airdrop, Zilliqa supports Mainnet launch, Vechain in Italy & Ethereum

Home News Newsflash: Binance supports Tron Airdrop, Zilliqa Mainnet launch, Vechain in Italy & Ethereum

Marcus Misiak –


As we reported yesterday, is the introduction of the BitTorrent-Tokens, the platform with own digital currency from BitTorrent, with a Airdrop to 11. February 2019 gefeieert. How to Binance has announced that it will support the stock exchange, the new BTT Token of BitTorrent, and also the Airdrop.

BTT is an Ethereum-based Utility Token for the BitTorrent platform. The world’s largest File-Sharing platform, with over 100 million users worldwide, BitTorrent, had already announced in October 2018 and that users can pay for faster Downloads and user, which provide a greater bandwidth, for Seeding in the future, will receive a reward. Already prior to the Acquisition of TRON users had BitTorrent an incentive for Uploading/Seeding, by receiving higher speeds. The new token-based Ecosystem is designed to strengthen the incentive.


The Team of Zilliqa has explained in a blog post that the Launch of its own Blockchain (Mainnet) will be held for the 31.01.2019.

In order to clarify questions on Mainnet, it on 1. February 9 PM German time is also a Online AMA. For more Details, click here.


The head of the quality assurance giants and certification service provider, DNV GL (a long-term Partner of Vechain) presented to the Italian Ministry of economy (MISE) with a view to VeChain. DNV GL, the world’s largest classification society, with a turnover of over 19 billion US dollars in 2017, is a service provider in the global logistics chain for more than 13,000 ships and mobile Offshore installations in 100 countries.

Renato Grottola, Director for digital Transformation of the company, works closely with the national Blockchain Task Force in Italy, in order to develop a Blockchain strategy for the government. In a Video on the MISE Grottola presented VeChain and shared his views on upcoming challenges and opportunities.

Proton mail and Ethereum

The popular, secure E-Mail service ProtonMail will in the future rely on the Blockchain technology, Ethereum, as the search for an “expert for the development of Smart Contracts Ethereum”.

The crypto-Community support ProtonMail since 2014, we have collected over half a Million dollars and a lot of Bitcoins through Crowdfunding. Over the years, we have integrated Bitcoin as a payment method and currencies to the point of contact for users of Crypto, the highest security demand. With a view to the future, we have some exciting Blockchain projects in progress. You will join our Team to conduct these projects, to support ultimately the Blockchain is easy and millions of people will empower the entire world.

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