Marleen Merckx and Annemarie Picard this weekend at The Roxy

Marleen Merckx and Annemarie Picard play this week ‘Girlfriends’ in the Theatre The Roxy to Sint-Truiden.

Gunter Reniers of The Roxy: “We are delighted and proud to be ‘Girlfriends’ to Sint-Truiden. Marleen currently very busy as everyone knows. She not only plays Simonneke at ‘Home’, but also in the musical ’40-45’ she has a great role. However, she would like to come to The Roxy. That good relationship with Lisa due to our previous cooperation. We saw this show in Antwerp and immediately we knew that both the ladies in The Roxy, had programming. Their comic timing, natural, and true friendship are catchy. The great finds of stylist Koen Onghena in the choice to make this show a gem.”

‘Friends’ is a poignant, humorous theatre show that is about a lifelong friendship between Mary and Florentine. We follow both women from their youth (just after WW II) until the time that the retirement age is already long gone. Like everyone of us, they know success and setbacks, arguments, and verzoeningen, joy and sorrow.

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