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Managers have little understanding of the Blockchain – Coin Hero

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Managers have little understanding of the Blockchain

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Matthias Nemack –

Many executives see themselves on the subject of Blockchain, not even as an average of “knowing”. This shows a new survey.

Knowledge of the Echelons is increasing only slowly

A figure of speech stating that the fish embroider from the head. If this proverb is applicable and the assessments of participants of a recent survey are accurate, the lack of commitment of many companies. Why? The opinion researchers of the company PollRight interviewed on behalf of the Blockchain trade Association GBBC 71 investors from the institutional environment according to their assessment of the state of knowledge, to the Blockchain, Bitcoin and other currencies. The result, under the investors, the other for Hedge funds and pension funds, is not really convincing.

Only a few participants keep up-to-date

In the opinion of 63 percent of the participants in the executives in charge have too little Know-how and understanding when it comes to the application possibilities of the Blockchain and the way they function as a whole. The study, which was conducted in December 2018 and January 2019, but it reveals even more. The participating leaders, to assess their Knowledge on the Blockchain as an average, that comes to a value of 30 percent. With seven percent, only a small fraction of the group sees itself as well-informed.

Responsible expect for 2019 dramatic growth

This shows how in a number of studies and surveys once more the contradiction to the expectations. Because a third of the respondents expressed to be assumed that the world of banking and financial services industry will change within two years, in solid Form through the Blockchain. The survey participants expect for the current year, with an investment increase of 108 percent. The percentage of those who see, as a leader, a duty, to put on the Blockchain, at 76 percent.

Slowly the insight

The Figures are, however, much better than many other evaluations in the past few months. Industry experts see the downward trend for the near future due to rising institutional interest for the Blockchain and the digital currencies such as Ethereum and Ripple on the other hand, chances for the return in the growth area.

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