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Linde Merckpoel stops with radio

Linde Merckpoel take at the end of January retired from the ochtendshow of Studio Brussels. From 4 February she is going to make videos for the VRT-radio. Michèle Cuvelier takes her place.

Merckpoel presented 2.5 years the ochtendshow on StuBru and announced Wednesday morning that they stopped.
Together with director Arnout will they #Linde make bi-weekly videos on Lime Youtube channel. She tells stories about topics that her fascinate and intrigue.

‘If I may, I did thirty things at the same time, and then I made a radio, a video and a tapdansshow at the same time’, is the response Merckpoel. “But at a certain point you just have to dare to choose for that one dream. I’m crazy for years with Arnout on this video project and I’m very glad that we are here now full time to be able to landfill.’

Studio Brussels will continue to evolve and offer online even more strengthen. There is the beginning of February, a new program schedule, and the transmitter picks up with a new logo.

According to Jan Van Biesen, nethoofd of StuBru, connect fully with the evolution of Studio Brussels in order on the different platforms the station even better to play. He also expresses his confidence for the replacement in the morning. ‘With Michèle Cuvelier is our ochtendblok in good hands. So will Studio Brussels from February as multimediamerk both online and on the radio reinforce.’

Cuvelier presents currently the music ‘Station’ in the late evening. “I have a lot of meaning to since February my biorhythm completely to throw. PS: there will be no bad mood, perhaps a nachthumeur, when that alarm clock goes off at 04.00 pm. But with pleasure hey.’

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