Linde Merckpoel not more on Studio Brussel

02ab9f6a959210a61845a0fff68bd914 - Linde Merckpoel not more on Studio Brussel

“And then I had to you still something to tell: I’m going to stop with the ochtendshow.” That made Linde Merckpoel this morning known on Studio Brussel. She takes the end of this month after a 2.5 year leave of the ochtendshow. From February 4, she throws herself on video for Studio Brussel. From the same day arouses Michèle Cuvelier the Studio Brussel listeners.

The Studio Brussels-fans will Linde from now on see more than hear. Together with director and good friend Arnout will they #Linde. #Linde stands for bi-weekly videos on Lime YouTube channel. She tells stories about topics that her fascinate and intrigue. With the series she will be the themes on the agenda, always in interaction and connection with the Studio Brussel listeners.

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