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Liechtenstein wants new law for Token-using – Coin Hero

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Liechtenstein wants new law for Token use

Home News Liechtenstein wants new law for Token use

Matthias Nemack –

A few countries in Europe currently have a case law for the use and Blockchain and Token. Liechtenstein would like to go ahead with a good example.

The Principality wants to secure the rules for tokens and Blockchain

It is no secret that small States in Europe and to find Ways to make for new industries as the location is interesting. The Principality of Liechtenstein has now made the task to draw up a “Token act”, in order to promote the industry and attract. The plans will provide at the end only for the Blockchain technology, as such, for clear guidelines. For investors in Bitcoin, or Ethereum, and other digital currencies based on the Blockchain, could bring the work in progress of the law also improvement.

The head of the government for a speedy solution

The government wants to create according to your Minister Adrian Hasler new incentives. The aim should be to make rights from the analog the financial sector, also for the digital environment not applicable. Of course, the project is the first Blockchain-law of the land. An important concept of the Token Economy. Not least, the small state-owned companies would like to convince of the location of Liechtenstein as a good address and the crypto-industry by a clear legal situation in safe conditions, as stated in current media reports. In the center – the Name of the law suggests – are crypto-currencies, which are based on the technology of the Blockchain.

Liechtenstein as a European Blockchain site for the future?

Legal certainty without being overly strict new regulations, controls and rules would be important, so that companies with innovative business ideas to settle in the country without fear of restrictive laws for the financial market scare you. The “time” factor is according to the statements of the heads of government Hasler an Argument for companies that do not know often, what limits States impose. Important announcements for Fans of Bitcoin, Bitcoin, Cash, and all the other currencies are: The opportunities for companies (outside the financial sector) are particularly important in order to enable the Emergence of a private Blockchain industry.

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