Legendary Blind Date is back!

752afc9de0b3bca000c729ff40ed791a - Legendary Blind Date is back!

On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of VTM and at the general request of the viewer, the most iconic dating show of all time making a comeback. In a brand new jacket: with nothing but frisgewassen singles, witty new spins, a swirling atmosphere with an enthusiastic audience and the ever-cheerful hostess Nathalie Meskens. A besides all those new features are of course all succeselementen of yesteryear left off: unforgettable opening tune, the original voice-over narration, the wall slides open, and… the double swing on the staircase.

Nathalie Meskens: “I was 13 when Blind Date began and I was immediately a big fan. Ingeborg and the game. Someone decorate on television, and with a wall between them, that was very special. And the moment the wall opened, was pure magic. That magic feel I now again, if I next to the wall stand. The nerves racing through the throat of the candidates. Meanwhile, there are probably a thousand ways to date, but hardly as exciting as in Blind Date.”

The new Blind Date is a tribute to the original, that Ingeborg, in the ’90s was so successful: one single ‘hunter’ (sometimes even 2!) and three single ‘prey’ shoot their most creative verleidingspijlen about the legendary wall. Without knowing how the other person looks like. At the end choose the hunter with whom he or she is going on a trip. Blind, purely on the basis of what he or she has heard. More exciting can hardly.

Their departure takes the couple goodbye as it should in Blind Date: with the legendary double swing on the staircase. A week later they bring in the studio report of their trip. And, we hear, or the two in the future even more time to spend together.

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