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KV Mechelen forget against ten players from a Union port to the cup final open to the beech

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KV Mechelen is Wednesday night, not managed to get into their own home in the first leg of the semi-finals of the Croky Cup to win. Although Union already in the beginning of the second half after a red card of Thibaut Peyre with ten players came, kept the team from Sint-Gillis stand in the sold-out AFAS Stadium. It remained 0-0. In the first half were two goals of the visitors edged offside (or not) will be flagged. The second leg next Tuesday promises to bite your fingernails to be. Tomorrow is the first leg of the other semi-final match between KV Oostende and Gent in the program.

Mechelen was nevertheless ready for it. A sold out stadium, 14,000 spectators, and an amazing tifo that was referring to 1987, the last bekerwinst KVM: all the atmosphere of the old days, in a new stadium by then. Ready for the 20th victory in a row under coach Wouter Vrancken. Then Saturday on Beerschot Wilrijk the 21st and cup final and promotion were very close: Mechelen on its head. And as an extra: the Slovenian coach of Union Luka Elsner had his team a week and a half with 1-2, having lost the ‘Kakkers’ on no less than eight places are exchanged. The injured goalkeeper Saussez and the suspended captain Perdichizzi necessity, but, among others, also no Ferber in the front, the villain of Anderlecht Niakaté and Tau were back. A experimneteel team actually, but that last duel, in which Union itself, however, had shown, had Elsner learned a lot, had the Slovenian pre-recorded.

Mechelen started at the top Jules Van Cleemput (only) after with his typeploeg, Van Damme took his place, central, back again, Bagayoko was, as expected, the replacement of Van Cleemput. But to everyone’s surprise showed Union of the first minute, the better team. Vrancken feared especially the conversion of Union, but the Inhabitants had boldly immediately the match in the hands with violently threatening and a lot of people in the front. The nervous home team had to constantly reverse, that had the Afas stadium is not expected. Fifteen minutes would it take before the balance somewhat could be recovered, 40 minutes for Mechelen for the first time, could threaten. But beyond that dictated Royal Union Saint Gillis called the law. On all faces showed the inhabitants of Brussels are better than the leader in 1B: in duelkracht, combinatievermogen, speed. KVM came a few times in a good way: two goals of the able-bodied Tau were disallowed for offside, especially the first, after a clever deep ball Teuma, was very doubtful, but eventually understand.

KVM, gedoodverfd favorite, sick of the palsy, but not in his game and piled the inaccuracies, lost too many duels. The Afas stadium shivered, and that was not immediately of the cold. Not until just before half-burned it a few times for Kristiansen, with a header from De Camargo and a vrijschop of Kaya. But if the home team are satisfied that no damage had accrued, it must be just about the worst what KVM this season had already shown.

But after the peace returned it all. Greatly helped by the rapid exclusion of captain Tau, second yellow, took the home team is now decisively the match in hands. Union was backward, a shot of Storm was a first notice, a cross-shot from Schoofs, better in the match now, went next. KVM understood that it now had to be pushing yourself but a moment later, miss Storm, after a smart hakbal of The Camargo only for Kristiansen, the opportunity, on the openingsgoal.

The home side had now completely recovered, Union marched with his tens backwards. But the much needed goal came, but not a lot of open opportunities, there are also not, therefore defended the visitors have been too bright and played soccer KVM still too rough. The sunken Tainmont decided still to weak in addition to, just as one in favour of the already sunken Togui, but much more danger there was in spite of a frantic rush. On the basis of the first half was the scoorloos tie for Union more than earned, there is Mechelen with the enthusiastic Inhabitants a very heavy task. Tau , Selemani, Niakaté, Teuma… goéie football though, this team has not just Anderlecht and Genk turned off.

Saturday KVM at Beerschot Wilrijk the door to first class again opened, but the 1987 match, that is not simple.

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