Israeli air raids on Gaza following incidents at the border

f2da1cafe6e0b1c5cb181f962a3a5fdf - Israeli air raids on Gaza following incidents at the border

The Israeli army has Tuesday night air raids carried out on the Gaza strip, after earlier in the day incidents had taken place on the border between Israel and the Palestinian territory. This was when an Israeli soldier shot and one Palestinian to life. According to the army, Tuesday night the positions of Hamas in the northern Gaza targeted. On the Palestinian side has not yet communicated about potential victims.

Earlier in the day, there was still violence on the border. According to the Israeli army was several times fired on his soldiers, with a sniper in the helmet of an Israeli soldier would have hit. That would be slightly wounded. The Israeli army shot back with tanks, in which one Palestinian was killed and four were injured. The victims were Hamas militants.

In recent months, it is again very restless at the border with the Gaza strip. Every Friday, protest thousands of Palestinians against the Israeli blockade. When the protests came in all about 220 Palestinians to life.

The last few weeks, it was again calm, until Tuesday. According to the newspaper Haaretz would be the Israeli safety cabinet Wednesday meeting to consider. Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu decided to have a gift of 15 million dollar from Qatar for the Palestinians not to allow.

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