Hope for Spanish toddler is shrinking: also second shaft is too narrow to reach him

fa74983e71c54a6aa2d9a1fb52b2b58c - Hope for Spanish toddler is shrinking: also second shaft is too narrow to reach him

Rescue workers had hoped to yesterday to Julen to get the toddler in a narrow shaft tumbled in the south of Spain. But the rescue operation has once again been delayed by ‘technical difficulties’. The hope that the boy alive comes up, is shrinking by the minute.

For more than a week to resist a search and rescue team heaven and earth to the two-year Julen. The toddler fell on Sunday, January 13, in a shaft of less than 25 inches wide, while on a trip with his parents. In the southern province of Malaga, was the family in the mountains when the toddler to the attention of his parents escaped.

According to the statement of his parents tumbled Julen in a boorschacht of 107 meters deep. The shaft is illegally drilled last summer during a heat wave to go in search of water. It is suspected that the boy in his fall of stone and gravel dragged and is now under a gag reduced to rubble.

40,000 tons of sand

The past couple of days and nights collar miners a parallel shaft to just under that gag to come out, in the hope of a living Julen. The drilling was particularly difficult, because the soil out of hard rocks. Monday was the shaft finally ready, and the engineers had already started with the placement of metal reinforcement when it again went wrong. At a depth of forty meters turned out that there were ‘irregularities’ were in the wall, causing the metal tubes not able to. The metal was out and the drilling restarted. Up to 40,000 tonnes of earth has meanwhile moved.

“It is impossible to predict how long the operation will last”, says a spokesperson of the regional government. Once the metal trim is placed, it is intended to be an elevator down into the shaft. The reddingwerkers still have a horizontal tunnel four metres in graves – on their knees or lying – to in the shaft to get.

Question is whether Julen is still alive. It is unprecedented that children more than a week, survive without food or drink, but the hope of a good outcome is shrinking by the minute. The parents of Julen receive psychological assistance during the entire operation. Two years ago lost they already have a son, when the three-year-old Oliver died of a heart attack during a walk on the beach.

The village of Totalán, where the accident occurred, set with seven hundred men strong, behind the family. An older woman lent her house even out to the parents to get them close to the rescue operation to stay. “What we want is that this nightmare ends,” she says.

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