French government agency warns of possible harmful substances in diapers

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The French government agency Anses, which monitors the safety of consumer products, has Wednesday, an alert was launched for disposable diapers for babies. According to Anses, which contain certain chemical substances that may pose a risk to the health of the children. Hard evidence of harmful effects, there are not, however, as is emphasized.

The French government believes that there is “no immediate and large health hazard,” but calls upon the producers of baby diapers still within the fourteen days to take action by certain chemical substances to remove it from their products.

According to government agency Anses, there is no evidence that the wearing of disposable diapers harmful effects on the health of the child. But the agency believes, however, that there is ‘a risk’ exists, because there is in the diapers now, once certain chemicals are present.

It includes two perfumes (butylphenyl methylpropional, also known as lillial called and hydroxyisohexyl 3-cyclohexene carboxaldehyde – HICC) and to certain paks, dioxins and furans. Knowing that a child in his first years of life, approximately 4,000 pampers wearing, exceed those substances the gezondheidslimiet, it sounds.

Call for European regulations

Anses relies on several laboratory tests performed on the 23 most common types of disposable diapers in France. To which brands it comes, is not communicated.

“I want the parents to reassure. Anses says rightly that there is no direct risk for the health of the children, ” explains the French Health minister Agnès Buzyn. However, France will stricter rules to enter for diapers, and in Brussels also advocate for European rules that more protection should give. Disposable diapers fall within the EU is now under the general rules for consumer products and not under the specific rules, such as exist, for example for cosmetic products.

In response, the company Pampers, which is the group of Procter & Gamble is, know that their pampers ‘are safe, and always have been’.

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