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F1 enters the press at the teams for the introduction budgetplafond

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The CEO of the F1, Chase Carey, the pressure on the teams to a custom budgetplafond to accept from 2021, and he is supported by the FIA.

The negotiations about the future of the Formula 1 drag for a year. Last week, Liberty Media, the FIA and the teams together for a F1 Strategy Meeting in Geneva and there was already one thing is clear: the patience of the management of F1 with the teams is on.

According to reports in ‘Auto, Motor und Sport’ had Mercedes and Ferrari hoped to the proposed budgetplafond of one hundred and fifty million dollar increase to two hundred million. The consternation must also have been great when Liberty Media announced that it unilaterally decided to set the limit lower to honderdvijfendertig million dollars.

It remains the intention that there is a gradual working towards is, in 2021 will be the limit on honderdvijfentachtig million, in 2022 it will be one hundred and sixty are to end up in 2023 to end up on honderdvijfendertig million.

Despite the fact that the FIA and Liberty Media, this proposal did in a true ” take it or leave it-style’ there are still a lot of points and commas are placed.

The deadline to make a decision is on the thirtieth of June next. That date was not chosen at random, for the FIA, there is a rule of notice that after eighteen months expires. Liberty Media’s fear that the top teams want to win and prevent the end of June, an agreement from the bus.

Liberty Media has with these turn clear of his teeth show and it is now to be seen whether the teams thereof to be impressed or not.

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