Ex-lawyer Trump sets of testimony: ‘Constant threats’

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Michael Cohen, the former lawyer, Donald Trump, would on 7 February to testify before a committee of the House of Representatives. He presents his testimony, however, by ” constant threats of president Trump to have the address of his family’.

Cohen was until a few months Trumps personal lawyer, and paid in Trumps command under more zwijggeld to women who claim an affair with the president had to have.

In addition, he is aware of many of Trumps deals, as a real estate agent, but also as a presidential candidate and president. Special prosecutor Robert Mueller and prosecutors in New York carry out this research.

It is expected that this session special attention will be followed, because the president can further damage and the severity of his legal problems, to clarify. “I look forward to the privilege to have a platform offered to get where I am a complete and credible report of the events that have occurred,” wrote Cohen in a statement.

That testimony is now so delayed. According to Lanny Davis, the attorney for Cohen, the wife and the children of Cohen insisted at the hearing. Trump called Cohen ‘a liar’ and ‘a rat’. ‘He’s lying to less time in the cell to sit’, tweette Trump. He added: “Look at his father-in-law.’

In August pleaded Cohen guilty of tax fraud and violations of the law on campaign funding. In court, said Cohen, that the violations were the result of payments that he made at the urging of a former client, Donald Trump. In november he pleaded also guilty of perjury against the Congress.

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