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Dutch ‘journalist’ goofy the quantity

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A Dutch ‘journalist’ would numerous articles transferred or manufactured. Some of the stories of him were published in Knack.be and Apache.

The Dutch opinion magazine De Groene Amsterdammer examined 27 articles that Peter Blasic, often also under the name Peter Mertens, has written for the weekly New Revue. It turned out that ” a large number of sources with first and last name, to be presented, after an extensive search online, not searchable, and so do not check’. Blasic used also dozens of sources of which only the first name listed. The editor-in-chief of the New Revue has Blasic after that examination provisionally on non-active placed. Blasic, who is actually working as a civil servant, denies.

De Groene Amsterdammer gives, inter alia, the Flemish news site Apache. That put Blasic in 2014 already at the door after an article about Ukraine as an integral transferred from Foreign Policy, but only three years later, deleted the site all the articles of Blasic from her archive. “When reported Danish journalist Nikolaj Nielsen us that there are three articles from him by Blasic transferred and published on our website,” says Karl van den Broeck, editor-in-chief of the Apache. “We have Nielsen reimbursed as if he were articles for us would have written.’ According to The Green paid Apache Nielsen 1.600 euro. “Then we have all the articles of Blasic, thirty, of the site.’ Van den Broeck emphasises that it is plagiarism and not fake news. “He has nothing invented that Apache has been published. We have been lucky. Therefore, we felt it was not necessary to our readers to inform. There you can afterwards discuss it.’

Blasic wrote, according to The Green, since 2012, also articles for, among others, Elsevier, HP/De tijd, the website of the Knack, and some for Vice. Also at Elsevier , he was caught on plagiarism. The unveiling is reminiscent of the case of Claas Relotius, the German journalist from Der Spiegel that parts of reports invented turned out to have.

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