Donald Trump gets right about controversial line: Us military is allowed transgender people to fend off

57efbbb4990508c59acd6156912df18c - Donald Trump gets right about controversial line: Us military is allowed transgender people to fend off

The Us Supreme court has Donald Trump the consent given to transgender people in the armed forces. Thus the previous rulings of three lower courts completely off the table.

Donald Trump made already in the summer of 2017 announced via Twitter that he is transgender from the American army wants. The then secretary of Defence, Jim Mattis, refined that plan, at the time, by the prohibition to restrict: transgender persons with a history of gender dysphoria were not welcome, but there could exceptions be made for some of the hundreds of transgender people who are already openly served or who was willing ‘in their biological sex’.

In Spite Of Obama

A striking point of view that a lot of criticism garnered, because a year earlier his predecessor, just the opposite, decide: for Barack Obama were all transgenders are welcome in the army, and they could also health care charge during the process of the sex change.

The lower courts strike a stick in the wheels of Trumps plan because it is in conflict with the Constitution. Different courts in the country had writs issued that the ban blocked.

The Supreme court has, however, now decided that that rule, however, may be set, or at least until the case is officially settled. The procedures are not finished yet: normally, a case must on lower level completed before going to the Supreme court.

‘High cost’

According to figures from the ministry of Defence, there are currently nearly 9,000 transgender people active in the army. The American president stressed in his defence, time and again the high costs that they create for the military. In addition, disrupt the military unit, according to Trump. Study shows, however, that the impact of medical costs on the budget of the army is negligible.

Various civil rights and holebiorganisaties protested violently against the decision of the Supreme court.

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