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Disappeared footballer Emiliano Sala sent from aircraft still worried WhatsApp message: “If you are in an hour and a half still nothing of me you have heard of it…”

The Argentinian footballer Emiliano Sala (28), that Monday evening with a privévliegtuig of the radar disappeared from the device an audio message to a few friends sent. It’s about the worrisome state of the aircraft and he says that he is “terror starts to get”. That made the Argentine newspaper Ole is known.

“I’m sitting on a plane that looks like it begins to fall apart.” That was a phrase in the first appears at the 28-year-old attacker Monday evening shortly before his disappearance to friends sent. Later, there was another message: “How is it with you? If you are about an hour and a half no news from me, they should perhaps send someone to me to come look… I’m beginning to be afraid!”

Sala was a few days ago it was still presented as the new striker of Premier League club Cardiff City, 17 million euros for him, paid to the French Nantes. He had Monday night with a privévliegtuig from Nantes to Cardiff to fly, but never got around to. Since then, with might and main searches for the footballer and his pilot.

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