China gets 9.300 mobile apps and news sites offline

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China continues to monitor the internet use of its residents-esteem. For the past three weeks left the communist party for more than 700 websites and thousands of mobile apps offline get, inter alia, because of the spread of vulgar information”.

The Chinese government agency that monitors the internet, reported Wednesday in a press release that the hundreds of apps and websites offline left. In total, 9.300 mobile apps taken offline. So was the popular news app Tian Tian Kuai Bao (quick daily news’) there to believe because it is ‘vulgar and vile content spreading that could harm the online ecosystem’.

It is not the first time that the Chinese government hundreds of websites offline let. Popular sites like Google, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter are there already for many years blocked.

However, it is the scale and speed at which this happens time and unseen. Observers suspect that Beijing’s efforts to use the internet to bonds has increased, because the use of the internet among the population still continues to rise.


News agency Bloomberg reports that the Chinese government a six-month campaign has been launched to local internet servers to get rid of all the ‘vulgariteiten’. So got a few weeks ago, also big Chinese internet companies like Baidu and Sohu the command to a multitude of websites and news services to delete.

Tencent Holdings, the owner of the recently deleted Tian Tian Kuai Bao, refuses to respond to the decision of the Chinese government.

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