Bryan Singer once again accused of sex with minor boys

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“X-Men”director Bryan Singer is in a large-scale study of the American magazine the Atlantic again accused of sexually inappropriate behavior and even rape. This would also minor boys are involved.

The American magazine the Atlantic worked for a year in a large-scale research about the 53-year-old Singer, for which she was more than fifty people interviewed. Several men claim that the filmmaker them tried to seduce, and in some cases having sex with them. Some of them were minor, while the Singer was over the age of 30. There are also accusations of rape. Three of the witnesses are in the article with fictitious names staged, allegedly out of fear for retaliation.

The lawyer of the Singer let us know that the director never arrested or accused of a crime, and he denies that he ever had sex with or has a preference for underage men.

Singer has been for many years one of the most successful directors in Hollywood, with crackers like “The Usual Suspects”, “Valkyrie” and four “X-Men”films on its account. But already in the beginning of his career was a Singer, however, surrounded by rumors of sexual misconduct. The allegations were so widespread, that in July 2017 4.000 students, faculty, and alumni of the University of Southern California signed a petition to get Singer’s name of one of the teaching programs of the school to pick up, what also immediately happened. And as a witness in the investigation, says: “When the news of Harvey Weinstein became known, everyone thought that Bryan Singer, the next one would be.”

Singer has directed recently the Queen-biopic “Bohemian Rhapsody” yesterday for five Oscars it was nominated. The filmmaker, however, was during the shots fired, because he multiple times would not be showing up. The British director Dexter Fletcher made the movie in the end.

According to the official stories had the resignation to do with the ongoing tensions on the set and the Singers’ frequent absences. Three days after his resignation, accused a man from Seattle Singer that the director him in 2003 raped would have, but it’s something with the voltages has to do, is not known. Work has Singer in any case enough. He signed for the filming of “Red Sonja”, whose main character, ironically a survivor of sexual violence.

The article from The Atlantic describes Singer as “a troubled man who himself had to be surrounded by vulnerable teenage boys”. “Their testimonies suggest that Singer is not acting alone. He was helped by friends and colleagues of these young men to him brought.” Many sources would have insisted on anonymity, out of fear that their own career harm would be.

Bryan Singer broke down as a director in 1995 with the crime film “The Usual Suspects”, where actor Kevin Spacey his first Oscar with won.

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