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Brussels expo around Van Gogh extended

c269b55c65a4f152e68f796c2cbe6be2 - Brussels expo around Van Gogh extended

The exhibition ‘Van Gogh, the immersive experience in the exhibition centre of Brussels is extended to 10 march. That the organisers Wednesday announced.

Originally, the event to January 6, walk. Since the opening of the exhibition, in the beginning of October, were already more than 100,000 visitors counted.

‘Van Gogh, the immersive experience’ displays no original paintings by the Dutch painter Vincent Van Gogh, but hundreds of replicas, that in all possible formats and with the most modern techniques such as 3D projections, are brought to life. The experience of the work is central, and the appeal to all the senses through ‘immersion’ or immersion.

The exhibition was first shown in the San Giovanni Maggiore church in Naples and drew on three months ‘ time, some of the 75,000 visitors. Brussels is the second stop. Followed by Vienna and Milan.

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