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Advertising with ‘white’ Naomi Osaka forces Japanese noodlegigant to apologize

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Naomi Osaka is shown on the left, Kei Nishikori right.

An advertising campaign of the Japanese noodlefabrikant Nissin is in the wrong throat shot. In the spot is the Japanese-Haitian tennisvedette Naomi Osaka shown with a light skin and wavy brown hair. ‘Whitewashing’, find critics.

Noodlegigant Nissin apologizes for a tv commercial, in which she is tennis player, Naomi Osaka, according to critics, blank depicted. The spot shows Osaka in animestijl with a white skin and brown wavy hair. The company responds that it was never their intention was to Osaka’s Haitian roots to clear. “We understand that we have too little sensitivity to the day to have laid, and will in the future pay more attention to diversity’, it sounds.

In Japan residing in the American Baye McNeil tied the cat to the call in his column for the English-language The Japan Times. “In nothing differs from its image of a typical animepersonage,” he writes. And that is a shame, because Osaka according to the author, like her mixed heritage embraces. That has for young people with a similar background are as mean as her tennis talent.

The noodlefabrikant has an opportunity for a more inclusive, more diverse Japan to show to the world, he adds to that. The Japanese attitude towards external influences is at least ambivalent. So, it was recently a law passed to allow more immigrants to welcome, despite domestic polls that a hostile attitude towards migration suggest.

Ethnicity in anime and manga

For the spot, signed by the way not the least name. Nissin hired the hand of Takeshi Konomi. He gained fame as the author of Prince of tennis, oorspronkeiljk a manga, but in the meantime, a multi-media franchise in Japan. Even tennis player Kei Nishikori declared itself a fan. In the now deleted spot, he is on the side of Osaka.

In anime and manga are characters traditional western depicted. Though you may argue that this is in the eye of the beholder . Notice the academica Terry Kawashima on that typical animepersonages by Japanese viewers as the Japanese are seen: they look just as white as Asian. And yet, this may not be an excuse, replied McNeil to BBC, because there are plenty of recognizable black characters to find.

Neither Osaka nor Nishikori responded to all the controversy. They sit with their head may be at the Australian Open. Nishikori explained in the quarterfinals of the Australian Open just the thumbs against Djokovic because of an injury. Naomi Osaka in the semi-final against the Czech Karolina Pliskova.

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