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Without a trace airplane with Sala is not the first aviation accident that football startled: from Busby Babes to Leicester-chairman

b05e9690133f081d2f014c93c933a378 - Without a trace airplane with Sala is not the first aviation accident that football startled: from Busby Babes to Leicester-chairman

There is great concern about the fate of the Argentinian footballer Emiliano Sala. Since Monday night there is no trace of the plane in which he was on the road from Nantes to Cardiff. The football world was in the past seventy years, several times, startled by aviation accidents.

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. October 27, 2018:

Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha, the Thai chairman of Premier League club Leicester, together with four other persons are killed in a helikopterongeval. The unit came almost immediately after it was taken off from the King Power stadium in the problems and crashed in a parking lot. Under the reign of Srivaddhanaprabha captured Leicester in 2016 as one of the verrassendste English champions of all time the title.

. 28 november 2016:

Almost the entire selection of the Brazilian team Chapecoense lose life if the plane on the way to Medellin crashes. Chapecoense had in Colombia the heenwedstrijd of the final of the Copa Sudamericana finishing. In the accident died in a total of 71 of the 77 passengers, among whom were nineteen players, fourteen staff members and about twenty journalists.

. June 3, 2007:

In a helicopter crash near Freetown get 22 people to the life. The device transported a few Togolese voetbalbestuurders, to the capital of Sierra Leone, due to their national team to see the work in the qualifications for the Africa Cup of 2008. Also then sportminister Richard Attipoé did not survive the accident.

. 23 October 1996:

Matthew Harding, the vice-president of Chelsea, dies when his helicopter crashes in the near Middlewich. It was after a match in Bolton airborne. All five occupants were killed.

. 27 april 1993:

Thirty people get killed when a plane of the Zambian army off the coast of Libreville (Gabon) crashes into the ocean. On board were eighteen players of the national team of Zambia, who were on their way to a world cup qualifier in Dakar.

. 7 June 1989:

In an aviation disaster to ” near Zanderij, Suriname, 176 persons to the life. A part of the selection of the so-called Colorful Team was on board, players of Surinamese descent, especially in the Netherlands played. Stanley Menzo, who later would be active at Lierse as a player and as a trainer, escaped because he was a flight previously took.

. December 8, 1987:

Sixteen players and the technical staff of Alianza Lima, the oldest and most prestigious football club of Peru, die when a unit of the Peruvian navy near Lima in the sea disappears. None of the 43 passengers survived the disaster.

. August 11, 1979:

Two aircraft of type Tupolev-134 clash in the former Soviet Union against each other near the Ukrainian Kurilovka. In one device come to 84 individuals, in the other die 94 people. The selection of the Uzbekistan Tachkent, who was on his way to Minsk, is among the victims.

. July 16, 1960:

Eight members of the Danish national team die when their aircraft crashes on takeoff from the airport of Kastrup, close to Copenhagen.

. 6 February 1958:

A plane with on-board selection of Manchester United, journalists, and supporters crashes on the snowy slopes of Munich, after several attempts to rise. In total, 23 people, involving eight players and three staff members. They were the “Busby Babes” after their manager Matt Busby who managed it was a very youthful team with plenty of talent to build. The former English champion returned home after a European match in Belgrade.

. 4 may 1949:

Eighteen players of Torino die as their aircraft in bad weather and crashes in the neighbourhood of Turin. The selection, which is four consecutive Italian titles had conquered, returned from a vriendenwedstrijd in Lisbon. In total, 31 people die.

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