Trump in the crotch bitten by lap dog of the British Queen

4c2a4fea4083c77f1705649f8b836ddb - Trump in the crotch bitten by lap dog of the British Queen

In the new long computeranimatiefilm “Corgi”, of the Belgian production company nWave (Ben Stassen), in addition to playing cute dogs and the British queen Elisabeth, the American president Trump and first lady Melania is a role. That turned out to be on the first persscreening of the international version of the film. Trump is in a scene at the beginning of the story by accident in the cross bitten by Rex, the favorite lap dog of the Queen.

How bad the damage to the “unmentionables” (term from the English-language film version) of the president, says the film story, but the result is a serious political incident, while dog Rex dismissed as a “top corgi of the queen”.

In the pointed English dialogues drive the creators of the animated film, intended for a large audience, both from the spot with the “very British” court, as with the vulgarity of the American visitor. After the short episode of the presidential visit concentrates the animated film focuses on the misadventures of Rex in a shelter end up and will try to return to its mistress.

“Corgi” (directed by Ben Stassen and Vincent Kesteloot) on march 11, in 3D (with glasses) both in Flemish and French version in the Belgian screens. The film, which is both the support of the Flemish Audiovisual Fund (VAF), Wallimage is already sold to a whole series of countries. In the Uk, “The Queen’s Corgi” (international title) on 5 July.

Production company nWave produced over the past years, several long animated films in 3D; the most recent was “Bigfoot Junior” (2017). Internationally successful earlier films included “Fly me to the Moon” (2008) and the schilpaddenprenten “Sammy 1” (2010) and “Sammy 2” (2012).

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