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TRON-the Airdrop will take place on 11.02.2018 – more Airdrops planned

475a474ddbef16310e4d659caeaabf30 - TRON-the Airdrop will take place on 11.02.2018 - more Airdrops planned

TRON-the Airdrop will take place on 11.02.2018 – more Airdrops planned

Home News TRON-Airdrop is on 11.02.2018 be further Airdrops are planned

Marcel Knobloch –

To celebrate the launch of the BitTorrent-Tokens, the platform own digital currency of BitTorrent, is carried out the Airdrop on the above date. According to a statement from the company, however, this should be only the beginning of a series of further Airdrops.

TRON has acquired in the last year the file-sharing platform BitTorrent, at a purchase price of just under 140 million U.S. dollars. This step marks a milestone on the way to a free decentralized Internet 4.0 that TRON is aiming for in its Vision. In order to increase the Anrzeiz for users to participate in the BitTorrent Ecosystem, announced the TRON Foundation, a private digital Asset, the BitTorrent-Token.

In the Peer-to-Peer Filehsaring network, BitTorrent users are for the Seedung and Share the files rewarded. If you deploy additional bandwidth, or unused technical resources available and, therefore, the exchange of data to promote, you should be paid accordingly. Changpheng Zhap, CEO of the stock exchange Binance, Weis praised the Approach and is looking forward to the future development.

The Airdrop will take place on 11.02.2019, wherein for the time being, no exact time was called. The BitTorrent Foundation will spend the first BTT Token in the ratio of 1:1 to all of the TRX-Hodler. At Block 6.600.000, a Snapshot is performed. The roadmap in this first Airdrop a total of 10.890.000.000 to all TRX owners to distribute. This corresponds to 1.1 percent of the total number of tokens.

Already now, BitTorrent announced that further Airdrops are set to follow. In the next Airdrop, its exact date is not yet fixed, however within 12 months, is to be held, to be distributed more 11.880.000.000 BTT. In 2020, the next Airdop will take place in the 12.870.000.000 is to be distributed, and 1.3% of the then outstanding BTT. Up to the year 2025, the percentage will be achieved are increasing year on year by 0.1%, bite here, 1.7% of the total token number.

For very many years of Hodler, the Foundation plans while Online and offline events in addition 99.990.000.000 be paid, which is equivalent to 10.1% of the total circulating supply. All on the official website of TRON led Wallets ( are qualified to receive the free BTT.

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