The Who: 70-year olds singing about their generation

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“I hope I die before I get old’, sang Roger Daltrey in 1965. The song, ‘My Generation’, was intended for a generation that is now at its best grandpa or grandma. Daltrey and guitarist Pete Townshend are now also 70 years and older, are still not at the cemetery and want of 2019 “their” year, with a series of planned concerts and a studio album. That last should, according to the two certainly not herkauwing of old hits.

The ‘Generation’-the song was actually about the fear to grow old. But now she already for a while, entitlement to pension benefits, old age doesn’t look too bad. And inspiring to work with: the legendary band plant, after thirteen years, another album followed by a promotional tour. Must be able to, because some of the members of the Rolling Stones are even older. Actually, according to the American music magazine Rolling Stone, the ratio is reversed: Townshend and Daltrey wanted to in may once again by North America tour, but had no desire to get back old hits from the box.

The Who, founded in 1964, can, of course, already long not more in the original formation to occur. For their tour, like the two founding members occur with from city to city different “orchestras”. On the band’s website was last Monday the pre-sale is announced. Since Friday is started and the enthusiast can also voorintekenen for the new album.

“We are now oldies. We see there not so good any more and may not have the glamour, not more,” said the 74-year-old singer Roger Daltrey, in his glory years a real sex symbol. “What we have left, is the music. And we will be just as fresh and powerful as at the time”.

The band will be on tour with orchestras, not as a compromise be considered, says the singer. On the tour you get a “The Who full gas”.

The Who apply in addition to The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Beach Boys and The Byrds as one of the most important rock bands from the ’60s and ’70s. At the time, their songs are even more aggressive than that of the competition; also their performances were explosive (including shattered guitars and Keith over-the-Moon-crazy). The Who also apply as inventors of the concept album. Both “rock opera” “Tommy’ (1969) and ‘Quadrophenia’ 1973, both successfully filmed, had a great influence on the later British generation, musicians such as The Clash, The Jam, Oasis, Blur and Paul Weller.

One of the highlights of the Who’s career was the performance in 1969 at the legendary Woodstockfestival. Except with ‘My Generation’ were they still a series of hits with songs like ‘Magic Bus’ and ‘Pinball Wizard’. Their so far last studio album, ‘Endless Wire’, dates back to 2006. Since then kept Daltrey and songwriter Townshend especially with solo projects.

According to Townshend (73), the recording of a new album no hitbedoelingen. “It comes to my personal pride, my sense of self-worth and my value as a copywriter”. Without new songs, he refused, yet on the tour.

Live will be yet another (almost) unknown people on the stages, as there are: Simon Townshend (brother, guitar and backing vocals) and Zak Starkey (son of Beatles drummer Ringo Starr, drums).

Townshend had for years expressed the wish, new the Who-songs to write. How the comeback albium going to be called, is not yet known. However, the fact that the album a mix of “dark ballads, heavy rock, experimental electronics, samplings “and typical of The Who-stuff”. That makes the chance of a completely unnecessary album of nostalgic oldies a lot smaller.

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