Taiwanese ‘bikiniklimmer’ died after fall in ravine

4637f11b52c37076f1d3f7840b13e19f - Taiwanese ‘bikiniklimmer’ died after fall in ravine

A Taiwanese hiker died after she during a solowandeling in a ravine.

The 36-year-old Gigi Wu could, according to local media, the emergency services still contact. But because of the bad weather conditions ran the rescue operation was delayed.

The woman would have died of hypothermia. She was doing a trek of several days through the Yushan National Park, where the highest mountain of Taiwan. Along the way she would a trap made of about 20 to 30 metres, after which they could not do any more steps.

Her body was Monday found. A rescue helicopter would make her three times trying to reach, but that did not work due to bad weather. Eventually, it was a rescue mission on foot, set up.

Gigi Wu was on social media known for its bikinifoto’s on mountain tops. Hence her nickname ‘bikiniklimmer’. Her last post on Facebook for her 18.000 followers dates back to 18 January. She was a very experienced hiker. Only on the top, she took her bikini. During the climbs themselves wore them hikingkleren.

In 2018, she told the Taiwanese broadcaster FTV that she is in four years time more than a hundred peaks had been climbed.

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