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Swiss Bank allowed a new Wallet now, Fiat money exchange – Coin Hero

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Swiss Bank allowed a new Wallet now Fiat money-exchange

Home News Swiss Bank allowed a new Wallet now Fiat money-exchange

Matthias Nemack –

A Wallet with a built-in Fiat money-the right to exchange can now use clients of a Swiss private Bank for your crypto investments.

Crypto-currencies exchange – also in Fiat money

Crypto-Wallets, which allow different versions of the Fiat money is the purchase of digital currencies, there are many. The direct conversion back into “real” money, but there is now no industry standard. Thanks to the Falcon Private Bank from the European crypto-high-castle Switzerland, investors now have the Chance to not only exchange various currently leading digital currencies directly. Users of the so-called “Falcon Wallet” should be able to convert the message of the private banking house of, in the future, their reserves in the virtual wallet with little effort in the money in the real world.

For the time being, four digital currencies are part of the Wallet

Of course, taking into account the current exchange rates on the market. The Bank called a “Bank-ability” of the to Start built-in four digital currencies. Also available Ethereum and Litecoin alongside Bitcoin and Bitcoin to Cash on the other side. In connection with withdrawals in Fiat money, the Bank, for the crypto Assets also guarantees the collection in tax-relevant documents and at the same time, extracts the digital account.

The new Service integrates into the existing Portfolio

The company Falcon Private Bank was approved nearly one and a half years by the Swiss Supervisory authority for the financial market in the Alpine Republic. It is ensured according to the media echo by the way, to the same extent that all applicable requirements in the fight against international money laundering are complied with. The Wallet is so quite on a par with traditional Bank accounts, and the applicable policies of the legislature. The Bank continues its business focus on, among other things, in the sector of the Blockchain. The Wallet is suitable according to current information equally for private users, as well as business and institutional buyers.

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