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Six new exhibitions in Kanal-Centre Pompidou

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In the museum, Kanal-Centre Pompidou, in the former citroën garage in Brussels, run from Wednesday to the end of June, six new exhibitions. Three of these were in collaboration with the Centre Pompidou in Paris, developed.

‘Spookkantoren’ presents the work of more than seventy designers spread over a dozen areas in the former administrative offices of the citroën garage. There are design objects from the collection of the Pompidou Centre and the design museum of Brussels (Adam).

In ‘Simple constructions’ visitors can get a view on the importance of the construction within the world of sculpture in the 20th century. The exhibition ‘The Super-8 Trilogy ” displays the installations of the American artist Ericka Beckman.

There are also three exhibitions in collaboration with the International Centre for City, Architecture and Landscape (Civa) in Ixelles. ‘Miscellaneous Films’ is about extravagant architectural structures.

For ‘As Seen’ has selected the Belgian photographer and artist Philippe De Gobert from the Civa-archives images of buildings that date from the same period as the citroën garage. Finally, the ‘As Found’, a kind of freak show.

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