President of Zimbabwe says participation in Davos off due to protests in his own country

02c994fc2f39e3914a970152beacedce - President of Zimbabwe says participation in Davos off due to protests in his own country

Due to the ongoing protests against the government in Zimbabwe, president Emmerson Mnangagwa at the last moment his participation at the World Economic Forum in Davos will be cancelled. “The first priority is the situation in Zimbabwe to stabilise.’

Since last week Monday in Zimbabwe massively argued against the economic policies of the government. The security forces act hard on against the demonstrators, with at least twelve dead and hundreds of injured and arrests made as a result.

Human rights groups report Tuesday that arrested demonstrators by the security forces would be tortured. President Mnangagwa promises an investigation. ‘Misconduct by the security forces is unacceptable, and does not belong in the new Zimbabwe’, tweette he Tuesday.

New protests against, told the government the internet is temporarily blocked. Social media are therefore already for some days. A judge ruled Monday that the government will mandate exceeded by the internet.

Petrol price increased

Mnangagwa visited last week Russia and belarus to make investors warm to watch for Zimbabwe. That are vital. The African country is experiencing its most serious economic crisis in ten years time. The government doubled last weekend unexpectedly, the petrol price up to almost 3 euros per litre, the highest price in the world.

A general strike last week Monday with a massive protestbetogingen paired. The security forces deploy tear gas and rubberkogels against the demonstrators, and shots with sharp.

Davos without leaders

To the World Economic Forum in Davos pockets this year, noticeably less leaders than is usually the case. Theresa May has after the umpteenth Brexit-debacle of other cats to whip. Emmanuel Macron must have the yellow bibs appease. Donald Trump succeeds, but not for the shutdown to end. And the Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau let the opportunity to shoot to the relations with China to improve, even though it was already clear that the Chinese president Xi Jinping himself is not coming.

Remain after the elimination race were the headliners: the Japanese prime minister shinzo Abe, German chancellor Angela Merkel and Giuseppe Conte. Just as the Italian prime minister, the Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro for the first time his appearance.

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