Olga Leyers back together with her ex

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After a break of half a year Olga Leyers her relationship with Simon Nuytten a second chance. “We have each other re-found”, sounds the in Day All.

Starting next week is tv presenter Olga Leyers (21) in addition to Sieg De Doncker (30) to admire in the VTM programme ‘around The world with 80-year-olds’. Therein attracts the youngest daughter of Jan Leyers with eight elderly people from eight countries in four continents.

An educational experience, as it turns out. “This experience has helped me with the nose on the facts. The problem of my generation is that we are very spoiled. We expect that life us so much and that you so much need to reach to be happy. I now realize: if you just make your days merry through, you can happily die. You don’t need necessarily a lot of have achieved,” she says in All.

The VTM-adventure has her do dwell on her own love life. To the extent that her relationship with Bazart-guitarist Simon Nuytten a second chance wants to give. “The circumstances have us for a while, moved apart, but we have each other again found. I also realize that I really would like to have children. In the past I had no desire to have children, but now I know that I’m not only old wants to be. Surrounded by children and grandchildren is so beautiful. And if I’m ever in a nursing home end up, preferably somewhere in the middle of a city”, what it sounds like.

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