No press briefing more in the White House?

4531e091196f31a47fe258bba93c2a96 - No press briefing more in the White House?

Donald Trump has Tuesday the decision is justified in order to no longer be a daily press briefing in the White House. He cites the “unfairness” of the majority of journalists compared him to.

The daily press conference of the spokesperson, who, from the press room of the west wing is broadcast live, has long been a tradition. At the beginning of the presidency of Trump found this persbriefings not daily, but regularly. They were led by the former spokesman Sean Spicer. He is in the meantime replaced by Sarah Sanders. The past few months, the briefings rather an exception than the rule. The last dates of december 18.

“The reason why Sarah Sanders is not often more to the ‘podium’, it is because the press of its so rude and inaccurate covert, and in particular by certain members of the press. I told her no effort to do, the news will get out! The most (media) will never be honest about our message, hence the term Fake News!”, tweette the president.

The White House is regularly addressed on that theme and emphasizes that Trump regularly responds to questions from journalists.

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