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New copyright on a long job

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The discussions about the new European Directive on Copyright, Friday, hopelessly jammed in the European Council. Good news for Google, that fierce campaign against the Directive.

How will a Google search look like the new directive on copyright it is? Not very informative, suggests Google itself via a screenshot that the previous week spread. Links to nieuwsartikels will be completely unreadable, because the article 11 of the directive, Google would prohibit text of which articles to use. An extreme scenario that could happen if Google refuses to do what the publishers really want, namely: copyrights pay on such links.

Also against the article 13 attracts Google all months firmly of the doctrine: that would websites like Youtube (owned by Google), require to ensure that their users have no videos with copyright-protected work to upload, or fines risk.

Little optimism

The European Parliament voted in september to the European Commission and the European Council to negotiate a final text, which then again to a vote of the Parliament. But Friday turned out in the European Council of ministers that a dozen countries, including Belgium, do not agree with the final version. According to Mep Ivo Belet (CD&V), some countries, including Belgium, the additional guarantees in article 13 smes are not and that article 11, individual users will indemnify. Prevent believe that the directive, after a new adjustment, yet can come before the elections. But it fell yesterday elsewhere little optimism to hear. The website Politico described the standoff as ” a major victory for big tech’.

According to Prof Marie-Christine Janssens, head of the CITIP at the KU Leuven, the substantial campaign of Google is certainly not the only factor that contributed to the growing doubts about the directive. ‘Article 13 is a dragon of a law. That is the result of the heated discussion about it, and the successive lobbying efforts of different groups. You now have a text which is hardly practicable.’

Also article 11, according to Janssens is not the most beautiful girl. The text creates a new kind of copyright, the uitgeversrecht, which, according to Janssens and a lot of other experts there is no need for is.

By the controversy over two articles threatens Europe now the child with the badwater road to pour. “The previous directive of 2001, that was a very different world. So that needs to be refurbished, ” says Janssens.

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