Louis Talpe taste Dutch delicacy: haringijs

92f0b1c2e9f78f50078baa7f5de1d8b9 - Louis Talpe taste Dutch delicacy: haringijs

After a week of rest by The Golden Shoe are teamcaptains Louis Talpe and Ruben Nicolai is completely ready for the swords to cross in Holland-Belgium. On Wednesday, January 23, is the struggle of the Low Countries was continued, and defend William Time and Lieven Scheire, Belgian tricolor. Gerard Joling – thanks to Q3 Search Q3 also world-famous in Flanders and Katja Schuurman do not, however, plan the their opponents easy to make.

Episode 3 of the Holland-Belgium for the teams, especially a culinary discovery. Louis Talpe take to a blind tasting of a typical Dutch delicacy: haringijs. How delicious that is, right of his face. But the Dutch team escapes. Captain Ruben Nikolai gets a fresh smoothie station. But a very special, made of Belgian eels in the green. And while Lieven Scheire in the round of the mobile supermarket is doing his best to be a Dutch shopping list, translate, smult team-mate William Time quietly of the Dutch butter cakes… Who knows the other country is the best and wins the third fight between Holland and Belgium?

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