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Lokeren takes Freddy Heirman back as an assistant for Glen De Boeck

916720943767d4544e1e55db4f8c1155 - Lokeren takes Freddy Heirman back as an assistant for Glen De Boeck

Freddy Heirman (70) is assistant coach Glen De Boeck at Sporting Lokeren. That confirms the embattled first division on Tuesday on his website.

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Heirman is an old acquaintance at Daknam because he was there already two times before the battle, as the right hand of Georges Leekens, Paul Put, Franky Van der Elst, Aleksandar Janković and Jacky Mathijssen. Over the past years worked Heirman as a scout for Standard and if T2 Put the national teams of Jordan and Burkina Faso. He also has a past as an assistant to the national team and several junior.

With Glen De Boeck, the successor of the dismissed Trond Sollied, worked Heirman together at Germinal Beerschot in 2010-2011.

“I’ll be honest, I had this command is not immediately expected. But that makes the enthusiasm no less great,” says Heirman on the website of the red lantern in 1A. “I know that we have a heavy assignment, but that scares me not. I have a heart for Sporting Lokeren, I know here a lot of people, it feels a little like coming home. But that is in the margin: the sports must now take precedence. We have no time to lose, we have now points to address. With Glen De Boeck, I believe that we have a serious chance of making it. Both the club as the coach can fully count on my commitment and experience.”

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