Line Verckist looking for man via the Blind Married

Monday 28 January to start the new season of Blind Married. But who let this time to get married in the experiment?
The 29-year-old Line Verckist lives in Antwerp, is mandaatassistent and in the meantime the 3 year single. Line is sporty (volleyball and jogging), love to travel and likes going to festivals. Further, she is a go-getter, a busy bee who can multitask, laughs like a lot, is social and has a large and warm heart for friends and family. But she also has a few drawbacks. Line can be bad against hair loss, and let not quickly, the back of her tongue. They ziekt a partner that is optimistic, resourceful, and social.

Blind Married, starting Monday, January 28, after Family on tv.

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