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Leya Iseka helps Toulouse with two goals and a penalty to bekerzege against Björn Engels and Thomas Foket

Toulouse has a Tuesday after penalty Reims disabled in the sixteenth-finals of the Coupe de France. After 90 minutes it was 3-3, after the renewals 4-4. Toulouse pulled it to 4-3 in the penalty shoot-out. Aaron Leya Iseka scored twice for Toulouse and used his penalty kick, Björn Engels and Thomas Foket played the whole match in Reims.

Just before the break opened Leya Iseka (44.) the score in reference to John Bostock (ex-Antwerp and OHL). Boulaye Slide (48.) made immediately after the break, again the same, but Manu Garcia Alonso (68.) brought the home team back the lead. Remi Oudin (77.) made for the 2-2, Leya Iseka brought to Toulouse for a third time ahead of. But it was still the loot within. Xavier Chavalerin (88.) it came in the slot with the 3-3, renewals did.

In those renewals came the first goal from Mathieu Cafaro (113.) of Reims. Again, it seemed the match itself, again, was a turning point. The home team got in the 120th minute, a penalty kick, Max Gradel (120.) put that to. Leya Iseka was one of the four Reims players that their penalty exploit, Toulouse scored only three out of five.

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