Labour put door ajar, for a second referendum on Brexit

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The British opposition party, Labour wants the house of Commons agrees about the possibility of a second referendum on the Brexit. Prime minister Theresa May called such a second referendum on Monday, it is unacceptable.

Labour had Monday night an amendment which for the first time ever, replying to the British re-decide about the Brexit. Parliament would therefore give the green light.

Until now it had mainly Labour-leader Jeremy Corbyn refused to pronounce about a second referendum. A lot of members of parliament from Labour are, however, overt supporters of. Last week reported 71 members of parliament from the party a second referendum. By now to try the whole parliament on this matter to a vote, wants to Labour that internal disagreement transcend.

Literally calls on Labour in the tabled amendment the government from Theresa May to the house of Commons to vote on an alternative Brexit-agree that Labour itself has formulated (and which the United Kingdom after the Brexit a customs union with the EU would constitute, an option that prime minister May already categoriek rejected) and about the idea of ‘to let the people vote on an agreement or a proposal about the Brexit that has the support of a parliamentary majority’.


Since the Brexitakkoord of premier May was fired by the British parliament, is trying last becoming clear to the director about the upcoming departure from the European Union, scheduled for 29 march, to take over premier May and her weak minority government.

“Our proposal gives representatives the opportunity to the prevailing chaos behind us, but also to the chaos of a Brexit without agreeing to avoid,” says Corbyn. “It is time that our alternative proposal on a customs union is taken seriously. At the same time, no possibility can be excluded, not even the possibility of a second referendum.’

Plan B

Theresa May tries since the rejection of its Brexit deal is a ‘plan B’ to figure out. Monday she made, however, immediately clear that what her concerns there is no second referendum. Also a Brexit, without the agreement, she refused again to close.

The next day, she meets representatives of other parties in the hope of a majority of the votes for a new proposal. The debate and the vote on ‘plan B’ (so far) is scheduled for 29 January.

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