Karl Vannieuwkerke puts dots on the i

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It was Tuesday morning quite a scare for sports journalist Karl Vannieuwkerke. Not because he woke up with a layer of snow at his door, because he is in The Newspaper read that he is today to the right should appear. Meanwhile, the journalist responded to the message, and he reaches out to The Newspaper. According to the newspaper was Karl together with former cyclocross rider Roland Liboton summoned before the criminal court in connection with statements about doping. But of Nieuwkerke points one and the other one on Instagram.

“You wake up and you’re front page news in the newspaper “het Nieuwsblad” because of you “for the judge is dragged”. Two hours and three phone calls later, it appears that you are already two months out of persecution’m asked and not more in the case. #topjournalistiek #checkdoublecheck #evengroterechtzettingopdezelfdeplaatsindekrant? I am very curious” wrote Vannieuwkerke Tuesday afternoon.

What is this all about? Well, there was of 26 January 2017, a call in in Extra Time cross, and that was Vannieuwkerke to say that in the course of 2017, effectively interrogated by the criminal investigation department in Koekelare. “Because it is a complaint with a civil action with regard to the recherche not other than me to call. That trial also has no longer than ten minutes lasted. I have the excerpt displayed, and asked if I still have something to say about it! In aware fragment I do not make any decision about the past of Erik De Vlaeminck. It was Sven Nys who is a interview from The Sunday with Roland Liboton had brought with him. When not, it was clear what you were talking about, I have these words pronounced (for presenter Ruben Vangucht) : ‘If you says A you say B, Reuben!’ Because I think that the viewer has a right to know what it’s about. For the rest I have no opinion about the statements in aware article done. Let alone that I am defamatory about Erik De Vlaeminck would have spoken,” said Karl.

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