Joke Zwanckaert married in Blind Married

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Monday 28 January to start the new season of Blind Married. But who let this time to get married in the experiment?
Joke Zwanckaert lives in Ghent, is a teacher of office, and in religion, and in the meantime already 3.5 years single. Joan is 31 years young. Joan recently completed her diploma as a chef earned, is an avid reizigster and muziekliefhebster. How does her husband with her? Joan is a sensitive, candid, passionate, social, caring and babbelt like. Furthermore she is a perfectionist, but sometimes also a queen size bed. Her ideal partner is a caring hedonist, an open person who is good-natured. And yes, there is a match!

Blind Married, starting Monday, January 28, after Family on tv.

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