Italy wants European sanctions against French neo-colonialism’

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‘France’s neo-colonialism causes of migration. It seems to be a freak reproach of the Italian deputy prime minister of the government Macron. How much truth is there in the complaint and why is she just now?

It is a harm between the EU member states, France and Italy. Luigi Di Maio, deputy prime minister and leader of the Vijfsterrenbeweging, has fiercely spoken out against France.

Not only will Di Maio …

It is a harm between the EU member states, France and Italy. Luigi Di Maio, deputy prime minister and leader of the Vijfsterrenbeweging, has fiercely spoken out against France.

Not only will Di Maio that, especially in France, contributing to mass migration and impoverishment of Africa by neo-colonial policies. He also said that Europe should consider further ‘decolonisation’ of the continent, which has not yet been completed. Di Maio made the statements in a speech about the root causes of migration. If necessary, find di Maio, the EU should France even punish because it is Africa underdeveloped. “As African people today leave, it is because European countries and especially France, the colonization never stopped.” Di Maio also referred concretely to the CFA-franc, France-linked currency used in fourteen ex-colonies, where, for example, African rappers all protestnummers against have written.


France called immediately the Italian ambassador on the mat. That European government leaders together to openly criticize neo-colonial action in Africa is du jamais vu. It shows how bad the climate in Europe has become. Di Maio’s major rival, Matteo Salvini, gave him not only equal, but did get a scoop on top. “In Libya, France intends to no stabilization, as the oliebelangen has against the Italian interests go,” he said today on Canale 5 TV.

In the African blogosphere attracted the Italian statements the necessary attention. Prominent journalists like Charles Onyango Obbo (Africapedia) retweetten the news immediately. The Kenyan Nelima Kokonya gave the news the hashtag #truetalk. Mensenrechtactiviste Farida Bemba Nabourema from Togo was not the only ‘memories’, and shrugged. ‘Between 1993 and 1994 went Togolezen cease, to put an end to the dictatorship, while in France the regime saved money and military assistance’, tweette them. France has the perception clear. Now a European, it says, will hopefully finally listened, because Africans say this already, responded Anzet du Plessis, director of Proof Africa, a platform of engineers and scientists.

Already did Di Maio not all banks applause to expect. Some found it bizarre that Italy, Ethiopia, Eritrea and parts of Somaliland colonized, now neo-colonialism began. Others argued that it is patronising to almost six decades after the independence movements in Africa arose, all African problems in Europe.

Save the statements of Di Maio somewhere?

At first glance, the direct link between France’s Afrikabeleid and mass migration rather short-sighted. France is one of the pioneers when it comes to operations in Africa that migration should stop. Di Maio says that Africans leave because they are poor to be held and, of course, leave many to a better life in Europe. But migration draws correctly when people get richer: the poorest of the poor are usually fixed. Migration has many causes and not all lead to the Elysée.

But generally, the French policy towards ‘his’ ex-colonies quickly in certain patterns. France, a rich country that is still full colonial influence finish, it has the perception. In 2017 argued 200 African burgerbewegingen because a French minister, along with two other ex-colonies of the projects of the Africa Renewable Energy Initiative (RGIE) hijacked. The big winners were French companies.

Last year, Macron again, noticing with a great plan to get the French to promote in ‘la Françafrique’, making him also the accusation of neo-colonialism brought. France defends invariably their own economic interests in Africa, where it is not so closely watched, on the democracy. While the international community, for example, the Congo is criticizing due to the recent fraudulent elections, gave the news agency AFP that the French ambassador to the inauguration of the new president would attend. Al Jazeera described in a three-part documentary the relationships between France and its ex-colonies as a story of ” the networking between empower, coups, assassinations, rigged elections and fraud, all about the French hunger for raw materials is insatiable’.

Kneusje in the government

However, the question remains why Italy the tensions now so oppookt. Di Maio has not suddenly seen the light in the history books. There has been a disagreement between Italy and France. Macron, who are strongly pro-European positions, it is difficult with the strong euro-sceptic government of the Lega and the Five star. There are quarrels about the Italian budget. Italy has openly said that the 20 billion euros for Europe, not ‘just’ want to pay more. In addition, Italy, a first aankomstland for many who cross the Mediterranean, that disproportionately many suffer from migration and too little European support. On the contrary, in France, that immigrants in police stops is also not too hard on treats, gave the Italians are often criticized. Finally, sit Di Maio and his party in the defensive position within the government. The right-wing Salvini, leader of the Lega, has the theme completely hijacked. In comparison with him seems Di Maio a kneusje: he does rarely assertive statements about migration. A more pronounced profile, can help him in the elections of may.

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