Ian Thomas scores major role in Family

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Surprise of format: Ian Thomas gets a role in a Family. The singer told last week already that he his career a different turn and that relates not only to the musical part of his career. The now 21-year-old singer will pick back the thread of the acting. Again? Yes because Ian Thomas had a few years ago, had a role in the vtmkzoom-series cat’s eye.
In 2007, Ian Thomas already see in Pitch on tv where he actually has a small guest appearance. Ian was as Tim for three episodes in the popular series. In Family will Ian longer to show up, that told producer Wim Feyaerts last weekend to our editors. That the news about the debut of Ian Thomas in the Family would drain, however, this was not the intention. Feyaerts had the news rather a bit quiet, but the message had already been to a few journalists being hit. The news now is known, is the more striking because Ian is still not a single scene has turned. His debut with Family is so not immediately but in All tells Ian that yet this spring. We expect that the debut of Ian there only in the month of may will come. But what role will Ian play? Well, he can take the role of Elias, a young engineer who at Hanne, Stefanie, Guido and co will withdraw. Elias is a handsome young man, and he falls into the liking of the women. Especially with Stefanie. Will she finally find the love of her life, and Elijah the happy? It is certain that Elias, the necessary voltages will ensure the Family.

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